My Stella…

tiffani goff at home

For those of you who follow me on my personal Facebook you already know, but for everyone else here it is:  I got a dog!  Or rather our family adopted a rescue miniature poodle mix last Monday.  I love Mickey our canary and yes he has been singing a lot but it just wasn’t enough.  […]

How am I coping?

Our new Canary, Micky

Well it has been almost 3 weeks since Tiara passed away and it has finally started to sink in, she’s really gone.  Today is the first day I have felt like crying several times and my heart feels heavy.  Up until today I have been so busy, I haven’t stopped to think, but all of […]

My Earthly Journey with Tiara has ended, she is now in heaven…

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My middle baby, Tiara Jeanne Goff passed away from complications related to Tuberous Sclerosis at home on January 15, 2015, surrounded by her family.  She was 16 years old.  We placed her on hospice December 31, 2014 but I made it sound like a positive move to those who follow me on Facebook.  I was […]

Not much has changed….

She is still smiling even though you can see how tired she is.

I just read my last post, because I couldn’t remember how Tiara was doing at that time or what I wrote well over 3 months ago, but after reading it, I realize not much has changed.   I continue to receive emails, messages, and fb posts from readers asking for an update on Tiara. I know […]

Sometimes there are no good options….

Today I cried in front of Tiara’s neurologist as I described our life and Tiara’s current state.  Tiara is completely drugged most of the day, but not a good drugged.  She is drowsy, irritated and frustrated and can’t stop eating.  She has gained 30 pounds since April and crawls most of the time because getting […]

In and out in less than 24 hours….

I have been silent on my blog for over a week and after posting an update on Facebook regarding Tiara and her possible admittance to the pysch ward at UCLA, I went dark.  I was so devastated thinking about leaving her in the hospital alone, I couldn’t really talk about the situation to anyone except […]

I’m fine, not really!

tiffani goff at home

Of course I’ve missed you all but I am sorry to report the move was worse than I could have ever imagined.  Lou and I have never been more physically and or emotionally challenged, as we are right now.  We moved in to our new house a week and half ago, and I have just […]

I think I’ve aged 10 years this month…


I can’t even remember the last time I posted and in my mind I’m not even a blogger anymore, but here is a little update on our life. I have spent every waking moment looking for rentals since the last time you heard from me.   Everything is going great with the sale of our home […]

Third times a charm?

tiffani goff at home

This week Trinity got her ears pierced for the third time in her life.  Why you ask at 12 years old would she need to get them done 3 times?  Because in the past they ALWAYS got horribly infected.  I mean pockets of puss forming behind the lobes.  Really disgusting and painful.  Both times in […]

We are in escrow!

tiffani goff at home

Once again I have left you in the dark for days at a time but I have lots of valid excuses.  The first being that our house went into escrow last week and I have been focusing on getting everything done that needs to be done.  Sign and read the offers, the counter offers, disclosure […]

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