Checking emails in Target…

Wednesday we made our daily trip to Target despite the hurricane like conditions in Newport that day.  (This is me teasing, but it was really windy.)   Tiara decided she was in the mood to walk but after forging through the windy parking lot she was ready to turn around and go home. 

As we entered the building she started screaming, “music, music, music!”  I looked down at her ipod and changed the song thinking maybe that was the problem.  We got a cart and started walking when she stopped and started yelling again.  “Song, song, music, music.”

tiffani goff at home

She turned to run out the store but I grabbed her by the shirt and talked her down.  I took her ipod and inspected it.  I put on the earphones and there was no sound!!!  Ah Ha, the headphones are broken.  I pulled them out, put the volume up all the way and off we went.  Wow, I’m crazy right?  I could care less that we looking like a walking circus when we cruise Target

She started her frantic pace, which isn’t a good sign.  As we rounded the corner towards the kitchen area she plopped down.  I explained to her that if she didn’t get up, she wouldn’t be able to get her popcorn at the end.  Guess what?  She didn’t care and I had no desire to fight her so, I got out my phone and started checking emails.

tiffani goff at home

I literally didn’t say anything to her for 5 minutes.  We both just hung at the coffee pot aisle, doing our own thing.  She was singing and I was returning correspondence.  Eventually she got up and we moved on towards the diaper aisle.  Once again as we rounded the corner and  headed towards the home stretch, she decided she was tired.  Down she went.  This time I browsed Facebook, I don’t receive that many emails that need responding to.

And again, she finally got up and made it to the check out.  She almost striked in line but realized she may not get “the brown drink”.   I know you are wondering, “what id the brown drink?”  She no longer gets diet coke or a slurpee in the Target Cafe, but a Strawberry Juice it up smoothie, which apparently is brown in her eyes.  I think it is more of a muddy purple but whatever, I figured out what she wanted and that’s all that matters.

Happy Thursday!

xoxo tiffani

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    The brown drink made me smile, because my girls think brown M&Ms are purple and totally reminded me of that! But seriously, I have done similar with my girls in eye shot and they usually do end up doing what I want and behaving. Sometimes, we just have to do our best to ignore the behavior and all will be right with the world (at least sometimes!) :) xoxo!!
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    Fred says

    you are an amazing human being! just found your website. really appreciate and admire your candor, sincerity and love you have for your family and friends. a real inspiration. thank you.

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