I shouldn’t have said it!

Yesterday I was bragging to Tiara’s teacher that she has been doing so well.  She has been more verbal, following directions and overall just good.  I have been asking her to throw things in the trash, help clean up and she has been doing it.  I have been so excited and then last night her old self re-emerged.  It was as if she lifted a mask off her sweet face revealing her devilish side, while saying “I’m back.”

It started when she walked into the kitchen and said in a rude voice with a bad attitude “Hey bitches!”  I swear to God.  I looked at Tabitha and immediately blamed her since she and her friends say crap like that all the time. She tried to deny it but we all know even I don’t say stuff like that.

And now today she has been moodier than ever and very difficult to handle.  Of course her caretaker was out sick, so I got to drag her to the market, Trin’s school, Ikea and for a walk, all while enduring her lovely attitude. 

tiffani goff at home

You can see it in her eyes.

Ikea?  Who would drag Tiara through Ikea when she was in a bad mood?  The person who broke her very last wine glass in the dishwasher last night and can’t stand to drink wine in a short squatty glass.  Hmm, that would be me and considered almost an emergency situation.

The second Trinity got in the car after school Tiara started in on her, “I hate you, Trinity mean, I hate you, Go away Trinity.”  I told Trinity to ignore her but it drives her crazy and she always takes it personal even though she knows deep down Tiara doesn’t mean it.

tiffani goff at home

I scolded Tiara and tried to redirect her from focusing on Trinity, which didn’t end well for my chest.  Another scratch to add to the current collection.  Let’s move on to something good.

The best part of the day?  The book I ordered from Amazon.com arrived and it is awesome. 


Of course I have only gotten the chance to read a few pages while waiting in line to pick up Trinity but I can tell it is a must read for anyone who cares about their skin or overall general appearance.  Check out this quote from the 3rd page of the introduction. 

“Each face is different from the next, and it’s a waste of time wanting to look like someone else.  In the final analysis, as I see it , a beautiful person is someone who knows herself inside and out and is comfortable being herself.”

Love, love, love reading stuff like that because it rings so true and yet so often we forget how we look is a reflection of who we are on the inside. If you feel compelled to buy this book like me, and buy it from the link above, I will earn me a small commission as an Amazon Associate.

Happy Wednesday!

xoxo tiffani

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    Ohh. That book looks wonderful. We want a review. And bless you and Tiara. Maybe it was PMS? So sorry that you had that bad afternoon after things were looking up. The comment about having to buy your stemware made me laugh. I’m so distracted and clumsy these days, I can’t attempt to drink out of anything but a squatty glass. Hugs and love — And again. Your cut is FABULOUS. You need to write a book just so you can have an awesome author photo on the cover.
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