What’s wrong with my eyes?

Well my Monday didn’t start off great.  I hardly slept the night before for several reasons, one of which was that Tiara kept getting out of bed and wandering the house.  Trinity had another bad dream and tried to make me sleep between her and Tiara.  I hate being sandwiched.  I moved to the couch but Tiara didn’t like that so she kept coming to look for me.   Needless to say,  I woke up exhausted.   Are you so tired of hearing this over and over again from me?

After I got Trinity and Louie out the door, I had to get ready to take Tiara to her follow up pulmonary visit at CHOC.  I wrote in my calendar that the appointment was at 10:35am.  Hmmmm, do I need to get there 15 minutes early or is 10:35, arriving 15 minutes early?  Choc always requires you arrive 15 minutes early or you are late.  If I didn’t think it would take forever I would have called to ask what time exactly but I didn’t bother.  I just figured I would get there by 10:20am. 

I left the house at 9:45 because Tiara was getting ready for her nap and I wanted to get her in the car before she fell asleep.  Long story short, we got there by 10:10am and didn’t get home until 12:30.  It felt extra long for some reason.

Tiara went to bed the minute we got home and I started picking up the house.  Suddenly my eyes felt really thick and grainy.  My nose had been itching all morning so I knew it was probably allergies because my eye doctor has told me I had severe allergies in my eyes.  Anyways by 4:00 pm my vision has gotten really blurry.  Tabitha said my pupils are humongous.  I just took out my contacts thinking it would help but now my vision seems even more blurred.  

tiffani goff at home


tiffani goff at home

The exterior looked like this but the top was a navy velvet look.

  Ok, one more thing before I sign off for the day, since I can hardly see,  Look at this picture I took in the Target parking lot today.  It is hard to make out but it is picture of the interior of a huge white 1970’s something car with a “navy velvet” hood parked next to me.  Can you see the steering wheel?  It is a chain!  I couldn’t even see the picture as I was taking it because of the angle of the sun but I love how the reflection of the tree on the car window overshadows the chain link steering wheel.  If I tried, I wouldn’t have been able to get this cool shot, this was a total accident.  I have never seen one of those in my life, have you?  Seems a little dangerous? Duh!

xoxo tiffani

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    Hope your eyes are better today and that picture was definitely pretty cool. The car reminded me of something a pimp would try in a movie (sounds crazy I know), but just what came to mind! :) xoxo!!

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      You are right, it was a total pimp car from the 70’s. I realized the comments were working without disqus but getting caught in spam. I am going to try and change settings today and see if they still work. I like disqus but I like the look of the regular wordpress comments and I don’t have time to import all my old comments to disqus. xoxo

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