What I saw in a week…

Do you ever see things during the day that make you shake you head and wonder, “what is going on here”?  Here are some things I have seen in the past few days that were either funny, ironic, perplexing, silly, confusing or just down right sad.

I was driving down Newport Blvd today and heard loud thumping music coming from my right.  As I turned and looked over my right shoulder to see the source of the music, I expected to see a lowered, dark colored car filled with 2 or more males leaned back really low in their seats with their arms hanging out the window.  Nope, that isn’t what I saw.   Yes, the driver was a tatted up mid twenties something male and yes the vehicle was filled with other males but they were cruising a brand new white minivan with the windows rolled tightly up.  I was so surprised, I started laughing to myself.  The picture just didn’t fit.

As I was laughing, shaking my head side to side, a White Porsche Cayenne drove past me in the lane to my left.  It caught my attention because the rear tailgate was wide open and filled with two very large boxes.  So large, that it seemed as if an 1/8 of each box was actually hanging over the edge of the rear bumper.  I didn’t see any ropes or ties holding the boxes in and yet this car was cruising full speed ahead.   As I gained on the vehicle I looked over to see who was the driver.  I figured it was a woman like me, who is known for shoving assorted items in her car that don’t fit because they are too impatient to wait for someone to deliver the goods?  Wrong again, It was actually a gray haired man in his 50’s.  As I looked closer I realized, I knew him!  Our children went to grade school together.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  How funny it was him.

This one happened last week.  I was coming out of the gym around 10am when I saw this really skinny prune looking man with filthy clothes who looked as if he had spent his night drinking whiskey or hitting the crack pipe.  I mean he was in a really bad way.  And what was he doing when I noticed walking through the parking lot? 

He was walking 3 small, white fluffy , perfectly groomed dogs all connected together on a three way pinl leash.  What?  Besides looking miserable, he appeared to hate the dogs.  In the minute I watched him, he glared at the dogs constantly and looked as if he wanted to give them all a swift kick in the butt.

Why did he have these dogs?  My first thought was he must have stolen the dogs and is selling them to someone in the parking and he thought he better give them a walk before the hand off.  That seemed too far fetched and not really logical.  So instead of walking quickly to my car as I normally do, I slowed my pace considerably so I could see where he was going.  He finally walked over to a blue truck, with the bed full of suitcases, boxes and random stuff.  A white haired woman was standing beside the truck stretching her legs.  As he walked up to her, all the dogs ran over to the woman in her late 60’s. 

He handed over the leash and then bent his upper body towards the truck and rested his forehead on the edge of the truck, as if he was exhausted.  I then surmised the woman must be his mother, they were possible traveling across country but more likely I suspect they were homeless and living out of the truck.  Because he was an addict and unable to hold down a job, he lived with them all in the cab of the 4 seater truck.  Very sad.

So, are you like me and notice everything going on around you and constantly wonder who is doing what or do you walk around preoccupied and mind your own business?

Have a great weekend!

xoxo tiffani

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