Why are people wearing pajamas in public?

Maybe I’m old fashioned in the dressing department but can someone please tell me how it has become acceptable for grown adults to wear pajamas out in public?  Of course I can accept cute little kids in the bagel store or on a morning run to the market in their pj’s and can almost understand teenagers doing the same, but adults?  This is crazy!

tiffani goff at home

Last Saturday I was driving down Irvine Avenue, a busy street, around 10am when I saw a man wearing plaid pajama pants and a white t-shirt while walking his dog with a lady dressed in clothes.  I was kinda shocked.  I have seen plenty of girls doing this type of thing, which I don’t agree with, but not now men?  It just made me think “what has happened to our society that people don’t have any respect for the way they dress in public.”


tiffani goff at home

The guy I saw almost looked as bad as this guy!


This whole thought process of mine was confirmed yesterday as I was at the mall picking up Lou some shirts.  I was driving through the Nordstrom’s parking lot when this filthy guy in an orange shirt and jeans walked in front of my car and I wondered, “Hmmm is this homeless guy hanging out in the parking lot”?  I then looked at him closer and realized he was carrying a little aqua colored bag from Tiffany’s.  What!  Did that guy with literally dirt on his face, pants and shirt, just go into the most famous jewelry store in the world and buy a gift for someone looking like that?  I was flabbergasted.  I considered trying to capture a pic but that is way too dangerous while driving, so I kept going. 

Within a 2 minute period of time, while trying to navigate through the busy parking lot I also saw a young girl about 18 wearing almost no clothes.  She had on cut off jean shorts which exposed the bottom of her butt cheeks and a cut up tank top that exposed almost every inch of her black lace bra.  Wow! 

I then saw a girl about 22 years old, who was fairly overweight weighing tight shorts, a fitted halter top that cut across her flesh with huge wedge heels.  She could barely walk in the fitted outfit and heels and looked totally awkward, uncomfortable and ridiculous.

All I could think about was, “why don’t you buy a bigger size and get rid of the heels, you look so silly!”  Sorry if that seems mean and or judgmental but really anyone of any size can look nice even if they don’t have a lot of money. 

My Mom always taught us to dress for our own personal figure and style.  She told us not to wear clothes that look terrible on,  even if they are in style, .  For example, if you have a large belly roll, don’t wear a shirt exposing your midriff, just because it is in fashion.  If you have large thighs avoid short tight skirts.  Wear a longer flowing skirt instead, etc, etc.  And most important, don’t walk around looking like a slut or people will treat you like one.  Women can look pretty and sexy without showing off every part of their body.

Luckily I have ingrained these thoughts into my girls, one because I don’t dress revealing so as to set a good example and two because I always buy my clothes a size too big so they hang nicely since I can’t afford expensive designer clothes.  They think it is funny I always buy such big sizes, but now Tabitha has followed suit and does the same thing because she realizes it is not about the number but how you look in the clothes.

Wow, I really went off on tangent. 

In conclusion, always dress for your body type, please wear clothes in public not your pajamas and if you have a daughter please teach her how to wear more clothes than a prostitute.

Have a great weekend!

xoxo tiffani

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  1. 1


    Your mom sounds so much like my own on this topic and even to this day I couldn’t walk out of the house unless I am dressed for the day and definitely has to fit me right, too. Thanks for sharing though (crazy how many people dress out in public nowadays) and have a great weekend!! xoxo :)

  2. 2

    Mikela Nolan says

    I always buy a size too big too. Unless you’re a size zero, it’s very hard to wear perfectly form fitting clothing and not have some inch of chub popping out somewhere.

  3. 3

    Lisa Cummings says

    My mama always said “if u got it flaunt it but if you don’t cover it up”. The pj look for a bunch if lazy a.. that do not care.

  4. 5


    It think if you can pull it off, wearing Pjs or flannels and a tshirt is totally fine… as long as it’s for a jaunt to the morning coffee shop, then home.

  5. 6


    Also, I think wearing PJs like that, for some people, is fun and just a lght hearted approach to life and their appearance in public on a given day. I wouldn’t judge them for it – life’s got too many rules and is too PC and anal about having the latest fashions and apparenl these days – a little fun never hurt anyone :)

  6. 7


    You know that my mom always thought you looked so good. I can still hear her say, “that Tiffani, I really like how she always looks so put together, I just really like her.” It totally makes a difference in how others perceive you – good or bad!

  7. 8

    char palaferri says

    I have been seeing a lot more people in pajamas too. Don’t agree, have to give the Tiffany’s guy credit there have been times where my husband is dirty from head to toe and will stop at the store where I am sure people look at him like WTF. I can remember once on our anniversary he was covered in dirt from working in the mud and he stopped to by flowers all I could do was laugh because he had to undress in the garage before coming in the house but he still stopped for flowers.

  8. 9


    I think going out in public in you pj’s, especially shopping in stores, is really over the top. We as a society are slowly (or is it rapidly) going down hill in both our dress codes and our language. The F-word is so embedded in our everyday language now. I don’t particularly like seeing people on the street that look like they just climbed out of bed.

  9. 10


    Thanks for the laugh Tiffani. Though I agree completely. I think the teenager with the butt-cheek shorts and tube top walked in front of my car in small town Madison last week. It is unbelievable what some people wear these days. I must admit being tempted to run the dog out in the morning in my pj bottoms but I stop and think — someone is going to think why is Jamie out in her pjs? Lastly, it is harder the older we get. Sometimes just because we can fit into it, doesn’t mean we should wear it. If I look in the mirror and think that looks silly for my age, I listen to that little voice.

  10. 11


    it’s funny that you posted about this because my Tuesday topic on my Letting Go series is about the fact that I caved and let Rey wear her jammies to the gym. Adults … not acceptable. Put some damn clothes on and stop being so lazy!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  11. 14

    Leslie says

    I wear yoga pants in public but that is it. I will admit going to class in college a few time in my pjs :)

    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection! We appreciate you taking the time to link up, make sure to check back on Friday when we feature out favorites.

  12. 15

    Tasha Moulds says

    I almost never go out side my house/dorm without decent clothing on. Some of my fellow class mates (sometimes my mom) think I’m ocd about it. I don’t dress fancy or over the top but I don’t leave the house looking like I just woke up. The only time I’ve ever left the house in pj’s was when I was a little kid and when I was really sick or injured. I agree with the whole ‘butt cheek’ shorts being stupid. A good rule of thumb when you’re young (like college age) is if you’re going to wear short shorts the bottom should be at least 2 inches bellow the butt cheeks when standing (even then that’s a little risky) and for skirts the hem should reach your finger tips or lower.

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