The poop never ends…

It is Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. and I had pretty much given up the idea of writing a post for today.  I really wanted to tell you how much fun Trin had at camp and what I surprised her with when she got home but I am so overwhelmed I can barely type. I will fill you in tomorrow, hopefully.

This is the short version of my weekend.  Yes, Tiara still has diarrhea and yes she is still using the potty and going in her diapers.  I have never cleaned so much poop in my life.  I dread every time she asks for the potty or I check her diaper.  It’s as if she won’t stop pooping.  Her last dose of antibiotics was last night, I have given her anti-diahrea medicine and yet it won’t stop!!!!  Her skin is almost blistered, we are both miserable and I can barely take another moment of this.

My voice is hoarse from the endless cheering and singing for her using the toilet and I have gone through 5 packages of baby wipes this weekend alone.  The craziest part is that she feels compelled to jump up and cheer and shout for herself after each squirt into the toilet, which means poop lands on the floor, the toilet seat and all over her bottom.  So now I am not only cleaning a diaper but every other surface in the bathroom constantly.

Plus she still seems as if she needs more antibiotics because she is still coughing and I don’t think I can take giving her another round.  I am at my wits end. 

I am guessing dealing with her, and the sale of the house and trying to figure out where we are going to move has sent my stress level over the edge.  Not to mention it is 4th of July and most of my family is going to Lake Arrowhead of which I can’t go with Tiara for numerous reasons.  As a result we are stuck at home with nothing to do.  I am sure people would invite us over but Tiara doesn’t do well at other people’s houses, so it looks like Lou, Tiara and I will be hanging at home all day.  Super fun!

Oh, wow I am such a downer, you should ignore me at this point.  Ok, I am going to pick myself back up and go in the family room and force Tiara to finish her breathing treatment.  I am then going to do a small prayer that I only have to endure one, at the most 2 more toilet issue for the rest of the night.  Wish me luck and have a wonderful day!

xoxo tiffani

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    Tiffani, I am hoping that today is a better day with the toilet and Tiara. I can’t even imagine what you must be going through and truly hope you know I am thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way!! xoxo :)

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    I feel so bad for you. I really do hope the pooping has already stopped. I know that lonely and isolated feeling of having to stay home. It’s extremely depressing. Try to find something special to redeem the day!

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    Sorry to hear that. My daughter is heading into potty training territory and I’m freaking out. Hopefully your daughter will be off the antibiotics soon and her “bathroom trips” will be less frequent. Good luck!

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    Samantha says

    I know you give her a ton of meds, but you might try giving her chewable or liquid acidophilus at least 3 hours after her antibiotics. It might help even out her digestive system.
    I imagine how hard it must be just trying to get ready to move and say goodbye to you home which you have loved and nurtured…. And then literally having to deal with crap, not fun my friend:-( Sending you love and goodness oxoo

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    Terri says

    Tiff, I always marvel how you tackle such difficult situations with humor and grace. You are definitely your mothers daughter! <3

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