Why are my muscles sore?

I have woken up everyday for the past week with really sore muscles and yet I haven’t exercised all week.  HMMMM, I guess it is my nonstop gardening, manhandling Tiara in her current ongoing horrible mood and pushing her 185+ body in the wheelchair across grassy soccer fields for 5 days.  Talk about weight training, the backs of my legs are killing me.

For the past 5 days all the schools in the area have been involved in a soccer tournament called the Daily Pilot Cup, which Trinity participated in.  It was great fun watching all the kids play with their friends against other schools but I am not sure Tiara thought it was “great fun.”  She loves the idea of cheering and clapping but for a total of 10 minutes. 

Last Thursday all her cousins, her aunt and uncle and Tabitha and I were all watching Trinity’s game while at the same time trying to keep Tiara happy.  Seven people trying to keep her occupied and happy.  At one point we had several wrestling matches wherein my tank top was almost stretched off but the topper of the game from the sidelines was when Tabitha had Tiara in her lap.  She was starting to get agitated and the ball went out of bounds right in front of our cheering section.  We try to hide at the end of the field so as not to distract from the game and the other fans.  At the exact  moment the little girl was making the throw in, Tabitha yelled “MOM”!  I looked over and Tiara had her top pulled up, exposing her chest, clearly an attempt to further get our attention.  I threw my body in front of her to shield everyone from seeing her nakedness.  I don’t think any of the girls on the field saw anything because Trinity didn’t mention it and believe me if they had been talking about it she would have let me know over and over again how horrified she was at the scene.  She never said a word, so I am assume we were safe.  Tabitha on the other hand couldn’t stop saying “Why did she do it during the throw in?”  If anyone was traumatized it was Tabitha. 

tiffani goff at home

After the game on Saturday Trinity and I went to do a few errands together.  Lou didn’t take Friday off because it was the last day of the month but I told him he was dead meat if he didn’t take off at least one day this week, so we got him all day Saturday which was great. 

First time he has had a Saturday off in over 6 months!  Trinity and I decided to go buy some fresh fish at Pearson’s Port.  I have never been there even though it is somewhat of an institution in Newport Beach.  It is a family owned fishing operation.  They catch the fish themselves and sell their finds out of this really old funky shack on the end of a dock in the bay.  It is super cool.  The Mother and daughter were working together and they were so sweet, informative and nice.  Of course I forgot to take a picture inside the place to show you, but we bought the best swordfish I have ever eaten in my life.  The fish was so fresh and flaky it literally melted in your mouth.  Lou, the carnivore, was shocked at how much he loved the fish.  Of course I stopped at the market to buy him a filet just in case he complained about the fish.  As a result everyone in my family had a little surf and turf for dinner except me, I don’t do red meat.  Oh and I made the best sauce for the fish, which I invented at the exact moment I made it.  Of course, no picture again, sorry. 

I blended mayo, fresh tarragon(from my garden), a whole lemon, a splash of white wine, half an avocado, salt and pepper in the blender.  It was so good I started dipping my asparagus in it.  Tabitha loved it but had no idea it had mayonnaise in it.  She hates mayo and would have died if she knew.  She doesn’t usually read my blog, so I think I am safe in revealing this information to you. Please don’t tell you if you see her at work.  I know some of my readers also buy jewelry from her.  Smile

As matter of fact, I have been gluten free/no added sugar for 2 weeks and I am feeling great.  I have been eating lots of fruit and am currently obsessed with jazz apples.  Since I have been eating so much produce I have been comparing the fruits and veggies from store to store.  Sadly I am convinced you can’t get a decent piece of fruit at the regular market.  I shop at a smaller chain market that has limited space and a high turn over so I have always felt comfortable buying produce there as opposed to a large chain.  I absolutely will not buy produce at Ralph’s,Von’s or any grocery store chain like that because I don’t know how far the food has traveled to get there and how long it has been since it was actually picked or harvested.   The healthier I get the freakier I get about my food.  Either way I have been buying local produce at Penjoyan and the Jazz apples are literally the sweetest apples I have ever tasted.  I dip them in peanut butter for dessert or a snack every day and just wait until I can have another one the next day. 

The last apple I had from my small local market tasted like mush.  I find it so difficult that I have to frequent a produce store, Trader Joe’s, a market for meat, and another place for fresh fish just so I can afford to eat local and healthy.  Of course I have a few other options like “Whole Paycheck” but as you are aware of my financial situation spending that kind of money of food isn’t an option.

tiffani goff at home

Who do you think did this?

tiffani goff at home

I guess we all know the answer!


Trinity made some cupcakes all by herself to bring as a hostess gift for a play date on Sunday and guess who got a hold of them after breakfast?  Luckily I had already hid the plate that was going with Trinity to the play date or there might have been WWIII in our house.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is getting ready for summer!

As I told Lou this morning, “Oh my gosh, it is almost summer, I’m so scared!”  His response was “Remember Honey, we always contemplate suicide in August, but we always make it through the summer alive some how!”  And that is my quote for the day.  We both laughed and he left for work.


xoxo tiffani

tiffani goff at home

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  1. 1


    Your husband had me cracking up at the end. And sounds like you had a great weekend overall. We just signed our girls up by the way for soccer for the first time ever. They are so excited and have been asking to try to play. So, I am really kind of looking forward to it now. Wonder if they will like it so much that they will continue with it. Anyway, happy Monday!! :)

  2. 3


    You made me laugh with the image of you throwing yourself in front of the flashing-for-attention Tiara. I’d love to visit the fish place. Swordfish sounds so yummy. Glad you had a happy weekend.

  3. 4


    Oh my goodness, Tiara keeps you on your toes doesn’t she!?! I love reading about your family adventures! Have a wonderful week! Stacie xo

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