Do we dare try again?


trinity and tiara at the entrance to the fair…


It is fair time again, and yes my family loves the fair.  Tabitha and Trinity actually ride all the frightening crazy rides designed for adrenaline junkies.  Apparently my girls get this from Louie because I feel sick just watching the rides and can’t be persuaded to ride anything at the fair.  I am so not fun.  I only go for the people watching, the exhibits, the animals and of course my yearly physic reading.  Love my physic reading even though it is always wrong, except for the year she told me I was pregnant and I laughed in her face only to discover the next week, she was right!

Anyway, the last time we took Tiara to the fair was 3 years ago and now today we have decided to try it again after much contemplation and discussion.  Lou and I wouldn’t bother subjecting ourselves to the torture  but Trinity and Tabitha asked if we could bring Tiara along this year.  They always want us all to go places together but then when we actually do it, they usually regret their decision quickly.  Three years ago when she was at the peak of her basketball obsession, we all went to the fair.  Our plan was to stay away from all the carnival games where they have the basketball games, at all costs.  We wheeled her around in one of those large wagons and I walked her through the exhibits, which are air conditioned, and to the animal area, while Lou took the other two on the rides.  She is terrified of rides and starts to freak out just looking at them.  This may be because when she was a little girl and couldn’t talk, Tabitha took her on a roller coaster in the little kiddie area and boy did she look traumatized when she got off.  We never did that again.  

At the end of the day, we all met up near the animals but on our way to the exit we accidentally walked by a basketball game.  It was something like $3.00 for one throw.  She jumped out of the wagon before we could grab her and ran to the basketball area and started throwing balls.  Oh my God!!!  Lou chased her down and paid the guy some money and tried to persuade her to leave but no way.  Of course the game operator saw his moment of opportunity and encouraged her to play and Lou kept handing him money and saying “Last time, TT, and then we have to go.”  This went on for a while until Lou begged the guy not to hand her the ball anymore.  She got so mad she laid on the ground and started kicking and screaming.  Lou picked her up and put her over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes and carried her out to the car.  Everyone thought we were either the most abusive parents they have ever seen or we were abducting her.  Either way she was kicking and hitting him so much, everyone was too afraid to intervene so we made it out without being stopped by security or social services being called.

And so I am off with Trinity and Tiara by myself to buy the wristbands before 5:00 and Lou and Tab will meet us after work.  I am very nervous because she has been in a horrible mood today and if I was smart I would disappoint the girls and tell them TT and I were staying home.  But, because I am not a quitter, here I go. 

Wish me luck…



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    I have 5 kids, well 6 counting my husband, and they all love to play those expensive games. My husband is the one who will throw a fit when I say it’s time to leave though. I hope this year goes smoother for you Tiffani. Have a great day!

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