Everyone just leave me alone…

Not a happy camper right now…..


I am having one of those days again and I just want everyone to get the hell out of my house and leave me alone.  That would be heaven, so rude of me, but true.  I dream of the day my house stays clean all day, no one complains they are bored, no one complains their friends are rude, no one complains they don’t like what I cooked for dinner, no one throws crayons at me, no one pulls my hair, kicks me, scratches me, asks me to play basketball, or change the song on the Ipod.  Everyone in the family is busy, productive, independent, happy, self-sufficient, kind and polite. Yeah right.

Ok, back to reality.  


Can you even see me under here? I am there. (trin’s new summer job is photographer, she is still getting the hang of it.)


Tiara has been a nightmare for a week.  She had food poisoning last week and hasn’t been the same since. We also changed one of her meds and now when she wakes up every morning, she can barely open her eyes.  She looks super drugged and hung over, and as I am sure you can imagine, very unhappy(picture above is the proof).  So today by 8am, she had pushed me down, pulled my hair at least 10 times and pinned me in a chair while I attempted to eat my breakfast.  I am underneath her in this picture.  This is her newest thing.  She plops on my lap, and then starts pushing both the chair and me backwards while she pulls my hair and claws my neck.  She is so heavy that if I can’t get the right footing, I can’t get her off.  I sometimes have to slide myself off the chair with her on top of me.  Lovely.  Yesterday she did this while I was at the computer and the whole desk came away from the wall, and my computer was shaking and almost fell over.  Yes, I desperately need my computer and would have been beyond mad if it broke.


So lets recap, summer has been in session one week.  Both Tiara and I had food poisoning, Trinity was sick with the stomach flu, and our wheelchair is broken.  What an amazing first week of summer.  The wheelchair situation is really getting to me.  The front wheel is warped from excessive use and makes this horrendous sound every time you push it even an inch.  Almost as bad as finger nails on a chalkboard.  As a result, we haven’t been able to walk with any of our friends because I can’t walk and talk through the noise plus it makes me feel insane hearing the sound and I can’t subject my friends to the same torture.  Tiara insists we walk so I have been taking her to Seashore Street where it is pretty empty and I just walk up and down the street trying to ignore the sound, until she decides we are done.  According to UPS tracking her new chair should be her today.  Thank you God! ( Ohh, it just arrived, hurray)


In addition, I told my Mom today how excited I was that so many people were reading my blog from all over the world and her response was ” Wow, I can’t believe so many people have that much time to waste.!  Also, did you notice in the post from Father’s Day, you had a typo?  You know I was a proofreader and I spotted it right away”  Oh, great, thanks Mom, nothing like an few honest comments from your Mom to totally ruin your day.    The only reason my Mom saw the post from Father’s Day was because I printed it out for my Dad so he could see the picture and what I wrote about him.  I felt deflated and bummed for about 5 minutes as I processed her comments.  I wasn’t mad because she didn’t intend to be mean, she just doesn’t understand why anyone would bother to read what I write or any other blogger.  She doesn’t get the concept because she never uses a computer.  I was going to explain that blog posts are like articles and people read magazine and newspaper articles everyday, so really, there is no difference.  But I decided to leave it alone, my Mom has never received any awards for her listening skills so why bother.  She is going to think what she thinks.  That’s what happens as we age and I am sure I will be the same way, hopefully I will be a little more open minded, but you never know. Clearly I got my brutal honesty from my Mother, gotta love her for that.


So for many of you, tomorrow will be your kids last day of school and the first day of summer.  Hope your summer starts better than mine.


Have a wonderful weekend!!!





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  1. 1

    Chantelle says

    Tiff~ I am praying your summer will be full of fun memories and peaceful days. Now you have got TT’s new chair we can go for a long morning walk. Yea! We are heading out for a quick vacation once school is out but will be home for the rest of the summer.
    Be strong, Be the Super Mama you are!

  2. 3

    Laura Antoyan says

    Tiffi . . . it’s always like this the first week of summer! The change in schedule is always a nightmare at first! It will get better next week when guards starts and you have a routine. Soooo glad you got a new wheelchair! xoxo L

  3. 4

    Jami says

    Time to waste! Ha! I notice your link, off Lou’s page, and take a read. Your raw honesty and perspective on life are always a good read. After reading about the things you go through, I often feel like my “problems” pale in comparison and I’m inspired by your strength. Keep writing!

  4. 6


    Hey Tiffani~
    Keep your chin up…it seems like when we have nothing left we somehow get the strength to keep going! You will have an amazing summer and your strength is amazing! Just keep telling yourself that!

  5. 8

    Leanne Heinrich says

    I’ve Never viewed myself as a person with time to waste durring the day! Actually most of the days I wish for more time because I’m not finished with all the responsibilities and demands I have for just one 24 hour day. Soo if reading your blog could possibly be a waste of my time, well then waste away baby, let the laundry pile high!!! Through reading your blog I am reminded how incredibly important we are to the ones who need us, the ones who love us, the ones who often hurt us without intension! Tiff you are incredible! Keep writing

  6. 10

    Samantha Fellner says

    Have to say that I find it irritating that your family doesn’t waste their time reading your blog, or in other words, supporting you on this journey ( therapeutic, financial, etc). A simple click adds to your endeavor…

    • 11


      Thanks Sam, luckily I have lots of friends who do support me and love me so it all works out in the end. My family is the best but like all families they have their limitations.

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