Her confession…

tiffani goff at home

Trinity spent most of her morning in her bedroom trying to reorganize her room, so she could make more space for her dollhouse building.  An impossible challenge but for some reason she was inspired to tackle this project. At 1:15pm  I told her she had to emerge from the chaos because she had an appointment.  [...]

Why do I always have water in my ear?

I know this may sound crazy but almost every time I take a shower I get water in my ear and it never seems to come out.  I swear I can barely hear out of my left ear.  Yesterday Tabitha was sitting on my left side and we were trying to have a conversation and [...]


tiffani goff at home

Well, it has been an exhausting 5 days.  I mentioned to you a week ago that I have been dealing with some things I’m not a liberty to discuss with you, which is what I did all of last week and part of today.  It is hard for me because I can’t unload on you [...]

California sushi bowl…

tiffani goff at homee

This recipe was inspired by Tiara’s obsession with eating California rolls.  Tiara loves California rolls which is great, but in order for her to feel satisfied she needs to eat 2 large containers from Ralph’s market or approximately 20 pieces.  Please don’t even talk to me about how crazy it is because I know it [...]

The people watcher

Yesterday as I was dropping Trinity off at school in the drive through lane I noticed an adorable little girl exiting the car in front of us.  She hopped out of a black BMW with windows tinted so dark I couldn’t tell if the driver was a male or a female.  I suspect the little [...]

My first job…

I just read something about a job and it instantly took me back to my first job.  What was my first job?  Working at my Aunt and Uncle’s  “Chicken Factory” on Main Street in Huntington Beach, the summer of my freshman year in high school.  It was one of those yummy places that cook whole [...]

Do you clean when you are stressed?

tiffani goff at home

If you know me well, you can probably guess what I was doing all weekend.  Hmmmm, what do I normally do after a really stressful event starts to resolve itself?  I paint or I clean.  Yep, I cleaned all day Saturday and now I can barely move my arms or shoulders I am so sore. [...]

Where to find the help they need?

For the past 4 days I have done nothing except try to get mental help for a friend in the middle of a breakdown.  A real psychotic breakdown, not just some silly emotional upheaval.  My anxiety level has been the same as if TT was being put on a ventilator in the ICU, except in [...]

Hmmm, come home already!

tiffani goff at home

Not sure how much you are going to hear from me this week.  I just sat down to write this at 8:40pm instead of my normal sitting down to watch TV.  Lou just left on a work trip to Arizona until late Thursday night.  I don’t think he has ever left us for 3 nights, [...]

Can you believe it’s been a year?


This weekend was Trinity’s 12th birthday.  It seems like only yesterday I was writing about her carnival themed birthday party that I hosted while Tiara was in the hospital recovering from another pneumonia.  Remember that? Well this year was soooo much better because Tiara wasn’t in the hospital and we had the CRAFT SHACK  come [...]

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